Thursday, 26 January 2017

Written human rights

There is something the fact that human rights weren't formulated in writing for long, has to say to us. This list, say the UDHR, wasn't something existing from time immemorial except in practice (each period in history according to its understanding of humanity, irrespective of our present judgement of the past).  And whenever we do find historical evidence of a written document, it was in the context of state being the culprit and hence citizens demanding in writing from the state this assurance.  No one ever felt the need to 'write down', unless these basic premises were under direct threat from the state.

… also in the context of our contemporary situation wherein there is an increasing critical questioning about the reason (or lack of of reason) for practising human rights.  Hence till then, till a valid reason is established and collectively agreed upon - not just for the sake of political reasons but honestly and for their own sake - these are declared as 'rights'.

This is my stance ... needs validation and critical reflection!

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