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Novena to Don Bosco: Discipline and Perseverance

Novena to Don Bosco
(Remembering DON BOSCO and the significant people who shaped his life and works)

Day 2: Francis de Sales 
(Patron of the Salesian Society) 


Don Bosco choose St Francis de Sales as the patron of his Salesian Congregation because he was inspired by the loving kindness of this great saint. The life of St Francis de Sales showed him that change is not only possible; that it is as vital as breathing.
Begin to practice self-denial in little things, so that later you will be able to do so in bigger things. 
In a goodnight to the boys of his oratory exhorting them to grow in the virtue of mortification and perfection in little things of life. 
Forgive others everything; yourself, nothing. 
Following the example of St Francis de Sales, Don Bosco learnt to be charitable to others, but never to oneself. He practised great tolerance towards his boys and others but was very austere with himself. 
Pray, pray, but with faith – with living faith! Courage! Onward, ever onward! 
One of the last words of Don Bosco on his deathbed in the month of January 1888. 
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