Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The real Don Bosco

For the feast of Don Bosco, Fr K.T. got a life-size photo of Don Bosco printed and framed. It was placed strategically opposite the main entrance of the Church. It was the famous, all time used photo Don Bosco.
However, at table we were discussing how his photo has been altered to create a sort of personality figure out of him. I added that this 'cosmetic changes' made on his original photo seem a bit unnecessary. My logical and rationale has always been this: for a person surrounded by boys all round the clock, and that too most of them noisy, unruly and with everyone one of them vying with one another to get close to Don Bosco and be with him, I can hardly imagine how on earth would Don Bosco be so 'plaster faced'!
I'm glad the original photos of him clearly show him as with curly hair, rather uncombed and best of all with a rugged face. Not that angelic, fair, and sweet figure. I know that like everyone else, we'd like to put the 'best face up' but it is good also to be aware that what is best is what is inside!

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