Thursday, 3 March 2011

I am Sam

This afternoon I watched the movie, I am Sam. I found it very touching, splendid performance by Sean Penn as a mentally challenged father, greatly in love with his small daughter and fighting for her custody. Moving reflections and images of what parenting and family is all about. It is very disturbing to see yourself torn between the love of father and the concern for the future of the child. But as they always say, love triumphs!

What I like best in the movie was the way Sam is able to touch the lives of others, Rita (his lawyer), his four friends, Annie (his next door neighbour), Randy (the lady who wishes to adopt his daughter, Lucy) and above all else, Lucy (his daughter). It tells me that we 'normal' people often think we got it all sorted out. That we know best! But here is someone who is not so. In his 'deficiency' Sam is gifted with a special grace. He sees the inner and deeper need to love and be loved. His values and ideas are simple and truthful. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to withhold.

Much to learn from children and those differently-abled.

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