Saturday, 10 August 2013

Religion as stairs; not an escalator

Religion is often treated as an escalator, something you just have to step on and it will automatically take you up to heaven. I'd rather think of religion as a staircase, some structure which is present but the effort is mine!  I need to climb the stairs. By merely standing on the first step I cannot make it up to the next level.  I need to take the steps. The stairs only provide me with an opportunity, a means to negotiate the different levels of the building.

Very importantly, the very stairs that lead one to the top also lead to the bottom. Secondly, the stairs need to connect different levels of reality.  If they were merely going round in circles without reaching anywhere the very concept of stairs would be rendered meaningless and useless!  So too will religion if it is made into a one way or a concentric circle reaching nowhere! 
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