Wednesday, 31 March 2010

What if Judas did not betray Jesus?

I thought Thankachan was only fooling when he said today was 'Spy Wednesday'... anyway...! I do not know who is the spy, Thankachan or Judas? However, looks like poor Judas is made to carry the whole blame! Even Jesus speaks very crudely about him. Of course, to 'breed' a traitor is always painful but I would (only in retrospect) ask this question: What if Judas did not betray Jesus? Would Jesus have still been crucified? I fear the answer is 'Yes'! It only happened to be that Judas was the one who politically betrayed him. Given the socio-political situation of the existing period, those baying for the blood of Jesus would have somehow got rid of him - by hook or by crook.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Motivation and playing it big!

Much is said and debated about motivation in our formation circles. While I believe that basic motivation needs to be clarified and adhered to come what may, I also agree with what Zig Ziglar had to say about motivation: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Here is one quote that I remember hearing in the movie Coach Carter.
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


I chanced upon this site a while ago and I had a good laugh... here's one for sample!
see more Friends of Irony

Of power cuts and failures...

Last evening there was this Earth Day power saving campaign... well, not very much of a possibility in my place as there is normally a power cut the same time!! But I greatly appreciate the effort. However power cuts have long since begun and as the summer gets hotter and hotter, it will be worse too... officially there is a two hour power cut here (better than 7 or 9 hours of cut in some other communities/areas of the Province) and for the rest of the time there is power failure!!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Formation, planning and involvement

During the meeting of the Commission heads this morning, Fr TD John made an interesting observation/comment, when discussing the Formation Educative Pastoral Plan (EPP). Starting from the premise that formation is a personal responsibility, he asked how much of a say do the brothers in initial formation have in the plan at hand, especially since most of it pertains to their state of formation?

Rightly so, I think they too ought to have a say, in what is being planned for their formation. Not mere to include their opinion, but to provide them with an added opportunity to own up the plans and understand the rationale behind the plan.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

About Muniguda, Orissa

Something fresh about our new mission station in Muniguda, Orissa: Last night Aquinas called me and informed me about the persuasive try of the CRPF to secure our campus as their headquarters. Over the last few days he says there have been several visitors, most of whom have been army personnel or related officers trying to see if we were willing to relocate. Aquinas says that for a radius of 30 kms, there is no other secure place for the otherwise naxal populated area of that region. The existing structures - though vandalised and broken - are the main reason for the CRPF's interest in our place. (The Church and residence that was vandalised during the communal riots in Dec. 2008... still left untouched.)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Women on Jesus' last journey

This morning as I partook in the Way of the Cross with the staff of the Provincial house, a thought that struck me was the number of women who accompanied Jesus and had compassion on Him outnumbered the number of men who were with Jesus. I am sure there were more men than women at any given point of the last journey of Jesus from the point of condemnation to the Calvary. Yet only at two stations of the cross we see men 'standing by Jesus': Simon of Cyrene and John the apostle (at the foot of the cross). In a way one could include Pilate too... in a generous inclusion. But see the number of times women come out in support of Jesus: His mother Mary (along the way, at the foot of the cross till his burial), Veronica who breaks the security cordon and wipes Jesus' face, the women of Jerusalem whom Jesus comforts, Mary Magdalene who is believed to be with Mother Mary, all along.

And what triggered this thought?... participating in the way of the cross, there were practically all the lady staff members, in comparison to the just three or four men!! My experience over the years has always confirmed this belief of mine: Women have a stronger and deeper sense of the Divine than men... so too is their faith!

Of age, death and dying!

Fr PE Abraham has been quite upset since the time he heard of the death of his companion Fr CP Dominic, this morning. He was eager to attend his funeral which has been scheduled for 8 am tomorrow at Tirpattur. What irks him and he feels most about is not exactly his death, but the timing of his funeral. He says, why is it that they want to 'bury him so early'. Why not wait for some of more people to pay their last respects? Just because he is not famous why hasten his funeral? These are the questions that have been bothering him. I was dead against his travelling for the funeral and did everything possible to prevent him from going for it. I did not want him to spoil his delicate health travelling all over the place, all the while. Just a while ago he added, "I wanted to go for his funeral. He was a good man. However he did not have many friends."

I am sure with every companion of his passing away, he feels the pangs of his own imminent death. Also the fear of who will attend (or will not attend) his funeral is something he has in mind. Looking at him, I feel his is thinking absurd. But I hope and pray, I'd be able to think as freely and 'broadly' as I think now, when I reach his age... 82! (That is, if I survive that long!!)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Interactive days ahead

Since yesterday, I've been on the phone trying to contact different categories of people for the upcoming school. Yesterday it was those who had applied for the post of the teaching staff. Most of them I had to tell them that their application was not found favourable and hence as I put off the phone I wished them all the best for the next year or elsewhere. Some were so excited at receiving the call that they just could not hear what I was saying and were here in my office within an hour, with all possible certificates and documents... ready for the interview!! I had to tenderly tell them the sad news. Some accepted the rejection immediately and were quite fine with it. Others had to be explained why their application was not found favourable.

This morning it was a string of calls to the parents who had submitted the application form for their children (admission to classes LKG and I). Naturally they were all happy about the information ... except some of them, when they heard that they had to also pay the fees on the date of registration (April 19-21, 2010).

Well, so far so good. Let's see how things turn out in the next few weeks. Much ought to be done in the coming days. Furthermore, there is also the Secretarial work with regard to the renewal and perpetual profession, transfers and changes!

A peep into the future!

I received the first hint of my continuance (or discontinuance) from the present responsibility yesterday evening. At first, I wasn't sure how to respond but after a while, I was at ease. Little said, the better! However there was no point in wasting time thinking about it or guessing it. In another three weeks, it will be in black and white. For now, am still enjoying the present!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Money, buildings and apostolate

Why has money to be always the crux of all discussions related to the apostolate? Every time there is the council most amount of preparation is preparing the projects and financial requirements. I understand formation houses need it for survival - so do all other communities and centres. But why the hell, for construction and expansion of existing buildings??? The buildings are the bane of our apostolate. We put up a building - saying it is for the mission - and then spend all our energies and time looking after that building. In the meantime, where are the people? Where is the 'mission'?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Everyone comes ALIVE!!

As the Parish Priest elaborated the most apparent themes that emerge from the Gospel of today, Jesus defending/saving the woman caught in adultery, my mind was recreating the scene with Jesus 'busy' writing something on the ground while all around him every man was baying for the blood of that lady. I visualised that poor woman, standing there surrounded by a crowd of men, not knowing from which side the first stone would come flying. I doubt if at all she was aware of the conversation and debate Jesus was having with those men. She knew there was no escape that day but the fear of waiting to be stoned, would have almost crushed her.

Looking at Jesus, I have my doubts: did He defend the woman (was He on her side) or was He attacking the men (was He on their side, preventing them from committing a crime in total blindness)?? But the solution he gives, saves EVERYONE! All leave the spot, ALIVE! What's more, each one leaves the place better than he or she was when they first reached the place. The woman, happy that she is alive, is given freedom ... not to sin anymore. The men, saved from turning to murderers, go home humbled by an introspection. I have a feeling, there would surely have been men who went on to stone other women caught in adultery... but not from that crowd which dispersed that day.

That's the beauty of Jesus' presence: everyone who comes in contact with Him cannot be the same as before. I now question myself: Can I claim the same about myself? Can I say that those youngsters whom I play with in the evening go home better because I was amidst them? Can the staff with whom I interact day in and day out, feel proud to be associated with me, because I make their lives better? Can those whom I meet on the way or deal with in the market, 'come alive' because they met me?

Lord, help me... as You helped everyone in today's Gospel!

Friday, 19 March 2010

St Joseph and acceptance

Somehow the idea of St Joseph being a martyr was not fitting well with my understanding of him... yet I am sure he had his share of woes! I remember sharing this thought with some of my oratory youngsters about Joseph and Mary, way back in 2000 (while I was in Nashik). What if the angel Gabriel appeared to a young couple and revealed to them what he revealed to Joseph and Mary two thousand years ago? Would they be so receptive? What would be their reaction? I still remember the look on the faces of my youngsters when I placed before them this supposition!!

For St Joseph to live all his life knowing that Jesus is not 'his' son and that Mary was not really 'his', would have been a real torment. But Joseph never compromised on his commitment and affection to either of them. I believe this was genuine and total. Now this is possible only if St Joseph accepted the fact stated above whole heartedly and with no ill feelings. Had he at any moment doubted or failed to accept this fact, life would have been miserable for him. But it wasn't!! He was totally at home that 'his' own were never 'his' alone! This acceptance brought about the best of him.

And by the way, Fr TV was fooling at table this morning: If St Joseph were to have lived today, he would have been behind the bars for marrying a minor! (Mary was believed to be only 14 when she married St Joseph!). (The picture is one of my favourite work of art in the Provincial house... and it is a mosaic in the Chapel).

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Formation and training

I wonder if formation and leadership training are the same and can hence be dealt with in the same manner and module. It is said that to train a bull I should know how to train a bull, I do not have to be a bull. But does formation really take place in the same manner? Unless the formees see in living flesh and bone a person whom they ought to become, it will be like teaching to swim in a classroom. At least they need to envision a person or helped to envision a person in whom the ideals proposed are lived to perfection.

And I have a feeling that's the difference between formation and training: the latter swears by ideals and the former by ideals as embodied in a person!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Little joys of life mean much to many

Last evening when Fr Sudhakar invited me to come along to pick up the new four-wheeler from the showroom at Malakpet, I agreed immediately... I wanted to know where on earth was this place called 'Malakpet'. After reaching the place (the route I didn't learn, for I slept sometime halfway through!!) and finalising the formalities, it was a question of who would drive the new vehicle back home. There was Fr Thathi, Nagaraj (driver) and myself. Fr Sudhakar and Thathi offered me the keys, I bluntly refused. I really wanted Nagaraj to drive the vehicle. But since Thathi was there, I didn't want to state that Nagaraj ought to drive. After all, it was Fr Sudhakar's vehicle and he had the sole privilege of deciding.

My logic to let Nagaraj drive the new vehicle was simple. Driving that new vehicle home would mean nothing to me... absolutely nothing! But for him it would be an honour far beyond his imagination. For the driver to drive a new vehicle from the showroom to the house, for its maiden drive, .... Wow!! That's how it is among the drivers fraternity. Add to that the zing that he did it in spite of two of us (you could call us "owners") who could drive - but didn't!!

I drove back the old vehicle and to my joy, Thathi joined me, leaving Nagaraj to drive the new vehicle with Fr Sudhakar. I had a great surprise for me back at home when Nagaraj would not put off the engine of the new vehicle, without me taking at least a short drive with that!! I guess it was his way of expressing his gratitude for this privilege.
(Photo: The new vehicle was blessed today by Fr Noel. Nagaraj is on the far left of the photo.)

Regarding the school

This morning we had the blessing of the new vehicle (Tavera - Chevorlet) for Gagilapuram soon after the Way of the Cross with the staff. Since I had the camera in hand, I took the opportunity to click some photos of the school building. It was more than two months that I last went in that direction. Here are some photos. I was amazed at the height of the left end of the building... that too towards the entrance gate. It is almost 5 ft higher than the right end of the building. I remember Fr TV telling me that long ago but it never struck me then... perhaps we could have excavated some mud and made atleast a basement on that side. Anyway, Fr TV knows best.

The other aspects of the school are slowly taking shape. I'm going a bit slow so that there is no hurry now and worry later!!!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Religious or Managers

Some reflective thought from from Fr George about our whole attitude towards poverty, vocation promotion and religious life... and the questions we ought to pose to ourselves with regard to these...
You will continue to ask these type of questions until realization will dawn on you that we have abandoned our charism of working for the poor and abandoned youth and that we do not promote vocations anymore to religious life but recruit vocations to run our institutions.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Trust and faith...

As I heard the Gospel of today, I couldn't but place myself in the shoes of that Roman soldier who heard Jesus' words of assurance and walked back home. The Captain trusted Jesus and his faith was rewarded. I too trusted the Reliance customer care guy who assured me of a revised bill, for my wrongly billed internet connection, for the month of February, latest by yesterday morning. I received it today... another bill for double the amount of February!!!

So much for trust and faith ... in Reliance!

Charity drive!

After a long while I received an email from Fr Koshy...
A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the motor way. Nothing has moved for half an hour when suddenly a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down his window and asks, "What's going on?"
Terrorists down the road have kidnapped Bal Thackeray, Udav, Raj and a few more ministers. They're asking for a 10 million ransom or they're going to douse them with petrol and set them on fire. We're going from car to car, taking up a collection.
The driver asks, "How much is everyone giving, on average?"
"Most people are giving about a litre!"

Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Salesian interpretation of the Prodigal

The parable of the Prodigal son is a multi-dimensional narrative with lessons galore! As I reflected this morning during Mass on the gospel, what struck me was the Salesian interpretation of the same. The whole parable is an analogy of Salesian presence. The younger son, after having lost everything yearns to be back at his father's place... position (as son or servant) does not matter. All he wants to be is back with his father. But for this to happen, for this yearning to be in the PRESENCE of a beloved, one ought to EXPERIENCE the depth and love of the other. While the younger son, realised this when he had nothing else to rely on, the elder son, never realised this, though he was in the presence of the father all along.

While presence is perhaps the most essential element of our Salesian pedagogy, we need to constantly qualify it with creativity, challenge, courage and above all love.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Way of the Cross according to Simon of Cyrene

If it were not for Anthic's repeated invitation to come for this evening's way of the Cross, animated by the Children of the Parish, I would have really missed an excellent moment of prayer and reflection. It was precisely for the reason that children were animating (enacting) the stations of the Cross that I almost decided make the Way of the Cross personally in our Chapel. Knowing very well the children, I knew for certainly it would be a comedy show. But how wrong I was... another prejudice blown to pieces by the very devout and prayerful performance of the children.

The theme was apt for the occasion. Though they did not spell it out, it was a journey leading us within ourselves to introspect and see how much we help others. Call it coincidence and before the Way of the Cross begun, it was this that struck me: Way of the Cross from the perspective of Simon of Cyrene.

The children were composed. No laughing, no giggling, no loitering or getting distracted... they were fully involved in what they were enacting. After their role, they silently came off the stage and sat quietly along with those awaiting for their part to enact. They read meaningfully, sang well and helped us all pray devoutly. God bless them!!

Reliance, the unreliable!

I spent the morning visiting a couple of Reliance stores in the city, rather I was sent on a 'golden-goose-chase' by the service personnel at the Reliance stores, whenever I entered to clarify about the wrong bill for the internet connection and related matters. At each place, they fiddled with the computer for sometime, gave me some absurd suggestion or reply and then told me to either go back to the place which directed me there or try another centre! So coooool!! I almost felt like reaching into my bag and pulling out the revolver and with a grin extract money and pay my bill from their pockets. (I know I've been watching too many movies... and I don't have a revolver - not even a toy one!!). Anyhow now I'm back in my office, having made no progress other than trust in some kind-hearted soul to get back to me by tomorrow morning with a revised bill for atleast one connection.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Summer heat and habits

Summer has certainly set in ... so much so, with the two hour power cut every afternoon, it almost becomes impossible to peacefully think and work normally. With prespiration trickling down your back, there is hardly any work that progresses - besides repeatedly wiping your forehead to avoid 'baptising' the papers on your desk!! So for the last two days, I did the next best thing I could: I slept through the afternoon!! Then I sit up at night. The double advantage: it is climatically pleasant and perfectly peaceful, without anyone or any phone calls interrupting your flow of thought and work. Of course, if there is power cut again in the night, you're doomed!

However the other danger lurks large and I am also aware of it: I am not available in office in the afternoons and if someone from outside or even my own staff wants to meet me, I'm not there!! Furthermore, this afternoon rest is a deadly plague. I've kept myself far from it thus far and I absolutely have no intention of making this siesta a habit. Speaking of habit it reminds me of a quote:
We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. (John Dryden)

Some amusement!

After a long "battle" with the sms service, I finally managed to get it right! Thanks to Fr PT and Mr Patric for their constant guidance and support. However, I am yet to tackle the Reliance guys!! Hope to meet them in their 'den' this evening.

Well, to cool my nerves here's something I got through the sms and since then I couldn't stop laughing:
Q: In which battle was Chengez Khan killed?
A: His last one!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Of despair and perseverance

For the last three weeks I've been battling in vain with the Reliance guys over the phone and e-mail trying to sort out my wrong billing and misinformation acts of their personnel regarding the two internet connections that I have in my name. And every conversation, oral or written, ends (or begins?) with "we will get back to you in two days"!! It is really getting on my nerves. In spite of all valid proofs and documents, I still am held at 'ransom' just because those at the other end do not want to proceed further than what has been said and done so far. It is the same I felt two years ago when I was shuttling between the offices of the BSNL guys, for the same reason - internet blues!!

This is but a small share of the 'desperate' situation that I encounter once in way... imagine those who have to face a similar or worse situation and that too matters concerning life, death or dignity. Yet there are those who carry on. God bless their perseverance and their courage!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Clearing the cobwebs

Healing of the mind and heart precedes the physical healing or achievement. This is proved once again by the incident in today's first reading from the book of the Kings (the passage of the healing of Naaman, the Syrian). Similarly it is said that victories and loses occur first in the mind, then in reality. The power of the mind and the heart to be able to rise above a situation is what ultimately decides the way the situation would be moulded by the presence (or absence) of the concerned individual. Had Naaman walked off, in scorn of the simple prescription of the Elisha (to bathe in Jordan) perhaps he would have died a leper. But his healing begins the moment he consents and agrees to bathe. He had his priorities and ideas clear about the supremacy of Syria over Israel and he never doubted that. He had to let go off that to earn what he came for.

It is always good to clear the mind of the cobwebs of prejudice, the heart of the mire of malice and the soul of the pride of independence prior to undertaking a new venture or embarking on a mission.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Listening, as an art of problem solving

Spending two hours with the teachers of one of our schools was a different experience today. I was in no position to help them or assure them anything. So I did the best I could: I gave them my time and a listening ear. The fact that they were here to express their concerns about the school and the way things are handled didn't give me any scope to express my opinion at all. Even if I did have or could have given my opinion I didn't. Primarily because I was only playing the role of gathering their message with the intention of conveying it to the concerned person in authority. I was also careful not to give them any inclination or feeling that I was for them or against them. All I did was give them a patient listening.

Perhaps that solves half the problem! For the rest half is not in my hands or within my capacity. But I do hope, that issues at hand are tackled and not brushed under the carpet.

My will be done!

It is a bit strange that I should be writing this, especially on a day when everyone around me is celebrating life. It struck me while at Mass this morning ... why shouldn't I leave a will... a sort of testament as to how I wish to be see off from this earth. So here it is:

When I die, wherever or whatever way that may be, I wish
  • that every useful part of my body be donated to someone who lacks one or is in need of a transplant - every bit of it.
  • that I be buried (anywhere, for I'm not going to get up and ask, "Why here and not in that place?") with just an old bedsheet wrapped about my body. (Why waste clothes and a coffin - another couple of trees will have to be cut for that!!).
  • All my clothes and belongings be distributed among those who will be make the most of it and not preserved for 'posterity' or archives!!
  • that I be remembered as one who lived his life to the full; in sync with God's plan for me!
The rest, if any, as and when something more comes to my mind!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Prayer and Miracles

Very often people think that working miracles is an art, a skill... may be!! But I believe it isn't. In this light, as I read the life of St Francis de Sales (abridged version of Fr Lens' A Drop of Honey) I came across this statement of this saint: These people think I can work miracles; all that I do is pray.

More than 'doing' something, miracles are mostly by-products of prayer and deeds - genuine and altruistic. No wonder during the beatification process of St Francis de Sales, Pope Alexander VII stated: We have here more miracles than are required to beatify 50 other Servants of God.

Friday, 5 March 2010

From Don Bosco, on Sanctity

As I was editing the Salesian Ordo, I came across this message on sanctity. It is from the life of Don Bosco and Dominic Savio. It is said that when Dominic Savio approached Don Bosco with the request to make of him a saint, this is the action plan that Don Bosco drew up for him:
  1. Cheerfulness: Whatever disturbs you and takes away your peace cannot come from God.
  2. Do you duty in the study hall and in the Church. Application to study and to work and to prayer out of love for God.
  3. Do as much good as you can to others. Help your companions always, even when it costs you sacrifice.
... very providential that I should see it today!!

Way of the Cross and 33

Two things that struck me as I participated in the Way of the Cross today. It was animated by the Sisters of the neighbouring convent and frankly speaking it was a penance!! The only reason was that they were dramatising it - verbally and visually. And I believe to dramatize a reality which is so powerful you ought to do it differently and with a lot of meaning; or else it leaves a bad taste. The other day discussing about the documentary on one of the rape and abortion victim too centred on this point: dramatisation, if not done well, drowns the whole message and impact of the reality.

Secondly, I realised I am now just one year short of 33. It is a bit unnerving to look back (or ahead) and see if there is anything worthwhile I've been able to accomplish - if not at least do the Will of the One whom I believe has been overly gracious to me!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Poverty and asking the right questions

The several revealing facts that were brought to my attention over the past two days, make me a bit anxious. To hear such unbecoming behaviour patterns of confreres, that too young ones, is really alarming. Last night as I lay on my bed, after a long conversation with someone narrating another of such 'tales', I asked myself, "Is it only a question of motivation or is there anything else that contributes or does not contribute to such a wayward religious life?" Most of such deviant ways have their origin in matters related to finance and money.

I remember Fr Ivo telling us in Nashik, about the need to ask questions... not any questions but the skill of posing the right questions. I guess most of us become complacent with our religious life because we stop asking ourselves the 'right' questions (others and superiors have long since stopped asking questions!!). We never question ourselves. "Is this really necessary?" "Is this what I am here for?" "Will this really give me happiness and inner satisfaction?"

Poverty, besides lightening my lugguage, is a great help in decluttering my life and making choices that truly make me happy.

Singing away!!

My good friend Rabbi sent me this quote a while ago:
Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. Events are God's responsibility while experiences are man's.
Often we mix up these two facts of life and then spend our time mourning and crying. As if to confirm this idea, there landed in my inbox a mail from Fr PT Joseph... about the Songbirds. It calls ones attention to the birds, who toil all day (for days together) to build a nest and when by chance someone or something destroys the nest, they start all over again. Come what may, they never give up building and singing!!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Learning from lost opportunities

During the Formation Commission Meeting this morning, Fr Palli used a very amusing phrase... 'learning from lost opportunities'. He was of the opinion that most of our meetings and so called 'animation' programmes are nothing but mere inputs and discussions which ultimately repeat what is already written in the Constitutions. While I do agree that we need input sessions to widen our horizon, we cannot always limit our animation sessions to those... The animation sessions are a wonderful opportunity to evaluate, explore available possibilities, share experience and learn from one another's success' and failures...

Fr Palli's own example: If I am made a Rector again, I will surely join the Brothers for a cup of tea outside the house, once in a way!! That's NOT living by objectives but learning from missed opportunities!!

A strategy for the Provincial Chapter

While discussing matters regarding the formation process in the Province, this morning, and specifically asking ourselves, as to why is it that our Provincial Chapter (PC) did not carry forward the theme of the year, human rights, I realised there has to be certainly a better way to make the Chapter work for us. I was pretty much surprised by the Provincial Chapter of the Mumbai Province. Their latest issue of SDB West was dedicated to the PC. Each commission clearly spelt out what they wanted the PC to discuss and deliberate upon. And then a couple of days ago when they concluded the PC, I read on Fr Ivo's blog, the very same things. It was then that it struck me, that the confreres did not come to prepare a final document for the PC, rather they had their 'conclusions' ready. The PC was to deliberate how best and quick to achieve those conclusions the whole Province was for!! That was a great strategy. The following could be a possibility worth trying...
  • Get each commission to pinpoint two or three areas of concern and possibilities of growth or focus.
  • Collate these results, sort them out, get the whole Province (confreres) to prioritize. The preparatory session could well be made use of for this.
  • Draw up the list of goals with reasons as the draft for the PC.
  • The PC proper deliberates HOW to achieve those set targets.
  • Set up an effective and demanding follow-up mechanism to monitor and implement the final decisions.
Hopefully then, we will not waste time correcting grammar and punctuation marks in the PC!!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Regarding websites...

The Salesian International Website now has a new look... here it is! Trust it will lead the way in inspiring us all to see how best we can "man" our Province websites and make them truly efficacious means of communication in this modern world.

I fully agree with Fr PT, when he raises this question: What is it that we want people to visit our websites for? When they visit the site, do they get what they really need?

Now this is a question that needs to be answered constantly. Looking at the progress we in the Province have made with regard to the Province website, I really feel happy. But am also scared if I'd be able to continually keep appropriately answering the demanding question!
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