Friday, 5 March 2010

Way of the Cross and 33

Two things that struck me as I participated in the Way of the Cross today. It was animated by the Sisters of the neighbouring convent and frankly speaking it was a penance!! The only reason was that they were dramatising it - verbally and visually. And I believe to dramatize a reality which is so powerful you ought to do it differently and with a lot of meaning; or else it leaves a bad taste. The other day discussing about the documentary on one of the rape and abortion victim too centred on this point: dramatisation, if not done well, drowns the whole message and impact of the reality.

Secondly, I realised I am now just one year short of 33. It is a bit unnerving to look back (or ahead) and see if there is anything worthwhile I've been able to accomplish - if not at least do the Will of the One whom I believe has been overly gracious to me!

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