Thursday, 4 March 2010

Poverty and asking the right questions

The several revealing facts that were brought to my attention over the past two days, make me a bit anxious. To hear such unbecoming behaviour patterns of confreres, that too young ones, is really alarming. Last night as I lay on my bed, after a long conversation with someone narrating another of such 'tales', I asked myself, "Is it only a question of motivation or is there anything else that contributes or does not contribute to such a wayward religious life?" Most of such deviant ways have their origin in matters related to finance and money.

I remember Fr Ivo telling us in Nashik, about the need to ask questions... not any questions but the skill of posing the right questions. I guess most of us become complacent with our religious life because we stop asking ourselves the 'right' questions (others and superiors have long since stopped asking questions!!). We never question ourselves. "Is this really necessary?" "Is this what I am here for?" "Will this really give me happiness and inner satisfaction?"

Poverty, besides lightening my lugguage, is a great help in decluttering my life and making choices that truly make me happy.

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