Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Of age, death and dying!

Fr PE Abraham has been quite upset since the time he heard of the death of his companion Fr CP Dominic, this morning. He was eager to attend his funeral which has been scheduled for 8 am tomorrow at Tirpattur. What irks him and he feels most about is not exactly his death, but the timing of his funeral. He says, why is it that they want to 'bury him so early'. Why not wait for some of more people to pay their last respects? Just because he is not famous why hasten his funeral? These are the questions that have been bothering him. I was dead against his travelling for the funeral and did everything possible to prevent him from going for it. I did not want him to spoil his delicate health travelling all over the place, all the while. Just a while ago he added, "I wanted to go for his funeral. He was a good man. However he did not have many friends."

I am sure with every companion of his passing away, he feels the pangs of his own imminent death. Also the fear of who will attend (or will not attend) his funeral is something he has in mind. Looking at him, I feel his is thinking absurd. But I hope and pray, I'd be able to think as freely and 'broadly' as I think now, when I reach his age... 82! (That is, if I survive that long!!)

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