Friday, 12 March 2010

Way of the Cross according to Simon of Cyrene

If it were not for Anthic's repeated invitation to come for this evening's way of the Cross, animated by the Children of the Parish, I would have really missed an excellent moment of prayer and reflection. It was precisely for the reason that children were animating (enacting) the stations of the Cross that I almost decided make the Way of the Cross personally in our Chapel. Knowing very well the children, I knew for certainly it would be a comedy show. But how wrong I was... another prejudice blown to pieces by the very devout and prayerful performance of the children.

The theme was apt for the occasion. Though they did not spell it out, it was a journey leading us within ourselves to introspect and see how much we help others. Call it coincidence and before the Way of the Cross begun, it was this that struck me: Way of the Cross from the perspective of Simon of Cyrene.

The children were composed. No laughing, no giggling, no loitering or getting distracted... they were fully involved in what they were enacting. After their role, they silently came off the stage and sat quietly along with those awaiting for their part to enact. They read meaningfully, sang well and helped us all pray devoutly. God bless them!!

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