Sunday, 7 March 2010

Listening, as an art of problem solving

Spending two hours with the teachers of one of our schools was a different experience today. I was in no position to help them or assure them anything. So I did the best I could: I gave them my time and a listening ear. The fact that they were here to express their concerns about the school and the way things are handled didn't give me any scope to express my opinion at all. Even if I did have or could have given my opinion I didn't. Primarily because I was only playing the role of gathering their message with the intention of conveying it to the concerned person in authority. I was also careful not to give them any inclination or feeling that I was for them or against them. All I did was give them a patient listening.

Perhaps that solves half the problem! For the rest half is not in my hands or within my capacity. But I do hope, that issues at hand are tackled and not brushed under the carpet.

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