Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Of despair and perseverance

For the last three weeks I've been battling in vain with the Reliance guys over the phone and e-mail trying to sort out my wrong billing and misinformation acts of their personnel regarding the two internet connections that I have in my name. And every conversation, oral or written, ends (or begins?) with "we will get back to you in two days"!! It is really getting on my nerves. In spite of all valid proofs and documents, I still am held at 'ransom' just because those at the other end do not want to proceed further than what has been said and done so far. It is the same I felt two years ago when I was shuttling between the offices of the BSNL guys, for the same reason - internet blues!!

This is but a small share of the 'desperate' situation that I encounter once in way... imagine those who have to face a similar or worse situation and that too matters concerning life, death or dignity. Yet there are those who carry on. God bless their perseverance and their courage!

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