Wednesday, 31 March 2010

What if Judas did not betray Jesus?

I thought Thankachan was only fooling when he said today was 'Spy Wednesday'... anyway...! I do not know who is the spy, Thankachan or Judas? However, looks like poor Judas is made to carry the whole blame! Even Jesus speaks very crudely about him. Of course, to 'breed' a traitor is always painful but I would (only in retrospect) ask this question: What if Judas did not betray Jesus? Would Jesus have still been crucified? I fear the answer is 'Yes'! It only happened to be that Judas was the one who politically betrayed him. Given the socio-political situation of the existing period, those baying for the blood of Jesus would have somehow got rid of him - by hook or by crook.

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