Thursday, 29 July 2010

Marian Skit Competition

After supper tonight we had the first part of the Marian Skit Competition (4 of the 8 groups performed). Initially all of them were grumbling as to what will they be able to put up in just 6 to 8 minutes "only"!! But I think most of them surprised themselves when they did manage to convey some good message within the time allotted and that too without much practice.

As I always said and I'm all the more convinced, these Brothers here in the Diocesan set up are much more talented and open to life than our Salesian formees. The only lacuna is the will to excel, that little effort to polish what is already refined, the zeal to make that one more strenuous effort in order to perfect what God has already blessed with. Just that!!!

One of the groups creatively used the context of the children coming here in the evening for classes as a backdrop for their message about Our Lady's intercessory role. I was also happy that Fr Devadas sat with us all through. Though there was more comedy than devotion, the effort was praise worthy. After all, Mother Mary too would not mind some lighter moments in life!

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