Sunday, 11 July 2010

A pep talk

Tonight I had an excellent opportunity to have a word-in-the-ear with the first course leader. He was not receiving support from all the members of the group and I challenged him to pull them up for their lethargy. As leader when entrusted with power he needs to show them that things need to be done the way they are to be done... that's a leader's job. By letting them rule the roost, that too for all selfish or wrong motives, he may be "accepted" by all, but respected by none. As a leader one ought to stand by principles and lead the group on a path of values. Compromising on values and principles will ultimately lead to decadence and mediocrity. I had to tell him a few things straight and crude, but I'm happy he saw the point. Furthermore as always I assured him that I will be with him, when things don't go smoothly. I'll be understanding but not let off anyone just because he wants to be lazy and mediocre.

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