Friday, 23 July 2010

Coping with history... repeated!

After long (really long) I spoke to Ramesh today. He is still in Kawant (Gujarat). He sounded very low. The reason he did not hide: looks like he feels lonely and over burdened with not many to share his pain. He was badly injured in a brutal attack by the Bajrang Dal members sometime two and half years ago. He lost two to three fingers on his right hand to that attack. Now that the case is still being prolonged, he has to face his attackers (who still keep threatening and harassing him, mostly indirectly) every time the court summons.

His morale is low not because of these attacks but because he is being questioned by a lawyer, whose children he taught in our Salesian schools a couple of years ago. Furthermore, his duties and responsibilities in the community too need to go on smoothly, with or without him.

Anyway, God bless him!

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