Sunday, 18 July 2010

For love of the Brothers, am stuck to the Parish!

I always thought that I was the worst one for making announcements, or rather making my list of instructions, precise and short. I always tend to elaborate and exaggerate. Today I found that our Parish Priest is far worse than me... that's a consolation, but also a fear that I'll have to listen to him every Sunday henceforth.

This is the second time I attended Sunday Mass in the Parish. Due to my illness I didn't attend the Sunday Mass in the Parish. There is always a Mass in the Seminary and I was attending that. But it is a real agony to sit through the Mass - not because it is long but because it is unduly prolonged. The sermon is literally a diarrhea of words, a sweet sounding, pious and utterly disorganised collection of words with neither a single theme or a final message to focus our minds and hearts upon. The moment the sermon begins, most of the heads are down, including that of the Brothers. The Mass sometimes goes on for 3 or three and half hours. (Luckily there is no keyboard in the Parish or else the interlude and prelude of each hymn would add another hour to the duration!). In spite of all this, the Brothers love and are literally ready to do anything to let them attend the Mass in the Parish.

Left to myself, I'd rather have a meaningful short Mass than sit through a Mass where all the time I'm wondering what is the Priest arriving at, or when is he going to conclude his litany of announcements (which are repeated over and over again). However, between the love of being with my Brothers and my irritation for the meaninglessly prolonged Mass, I choose the former... and subsequently end up in the Parish every Sunday!

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