Monday, 26 July 2010

Of Joaquim, Anne and the mustard seed

Just before the Mass I had a small distraction: Were Joaquim and Anne granted the title of 'saints' purely on the basis of their parenting of Mother Mary? I was not surely... until the Gospel of the day. It speaks of the mustard seed and extols its virtues. It then struck me that just like the mustard seed, the tiniest of all, yet that which lives to its full potential, Joaquim and Anne were entrusted with a small responsibility. But that responsibility they fulfilled it with the best of their efforts and possibility. That was the specialty. They were not called to achieve great things or extraordinary things but to do the ordinary act of parenting the Mother of God, which they did in an excellent manner. They were entrusted with this task and they did it in a manner no one could outdo them.

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