Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Blog for SJRS, Kondadaba

Old habits die hard... so here I am, at Kondadaba (the last place I ever thought I'd be spending so much time online!) and am working on a new blog! But this one is justified (I believe) for it is of the Seminary itself. I just posted a couple of news bits and I hope it carries on. I plan to rope in Brothers to do the basic writing part of it, provide the content while I do the technical aspect of it. I wish to show the blog to the Writers' Association (a spontaneous group) among the Brothers who are interested in writing articles and related journalistic matters. However I need to also harness the Brothers skill and potential for telugu literature.

I also need to see how telugu text can be uploaded on blogger (I very well know that the possibility exists) but who would type the text? That's the real issue now. Hope to get around that in some way. Let's see.

As of now, here's the St John's Kondadaba blog!

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