Friday, 23 July 2010

Latent potency and my prodding

I had a harrowing day with the Brothers today... regarding their weekend ministry. I want them to go prepared with a plan for their ministry. They somehow resist this whole idea of planning and preparing. And I somehow do not want to see them throw away their talent and their potential for something so cheap as 3 hrs on a weekend. I want them to harness their capabilities for something they love. Furthermore it is precisely for their own future ministry that they need to get this process in place. Anyway, I'm happy I can shout and yell at them and still get them to come around. I do feel I've changed a lot in this aspect since Karunapuram days. I remember Brothers used to avoid me for days after a firing. Here I seem to have struck a cord with them and they understand that me being hard on them is for their benefit... though they try to wriggle out of that loop that I cast for them!!

On the whole, good guys... just need a little push!

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