Sunday, 4 July 2010

Team over individuals

The current FIFA cup 2010 has proved one thing: that team counts more than individuals. All those whose names were tossed about as potential cup 'getters' have all left the stadium with their heads downcast. I watched the quarterfinal match between Argentine and Germany yesterday, though for only a while. I was surprised to see the Argentinians play like our Brothers. Those talented and acclaimed as goal scorers were all the while dribbling and dodging three to four German defenders, regardless of the fact that their own teammates at other places were standing unmarked awaiting a pass, something that rarely happened. Germany surely deserved the win as they proved to play as a team rather than rely solely on individual strikers. I did not watch the other quarterfinal between Brazil and Netherlands, but I guess the same lacuna sunk the Brazilians. I'm glad that this has World Cup has seen team play override individual talent and solo play.

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