Sunday, 19 June 2011

Golconda High School

Over the past couple of days I watched the telugu movie, Golconda High School. I had heard about it first from the news item posted by Fr TD John wherein he made special mention of one of our street children boys playing an important role as an actor in this movie. Well, as I watched the movie, I couldn't help but note the similarities with the English movie, Coach Carter. However, GHS has its highs and I do appreciate the movie as a whole. Sumanth plays the lead role well, but not as impressive as in Godavari. Besides the fact that it was shot at Don Bosco High School, Hyderabad (my own school) there are several aspects of the movie that appealed to me.
  • The storyline and the overall moral and message delivered through the movie: Games are an integral part of education and children have a right to play. In an age where books and ranks alone offer a bright future, the movie rightly points out the importance and the great values that sports and games inculcate in students.
  • The message by the coach to his pupils that a true man is not one who twirls his moustache and is ever-ready for a fight but one who is willing to take any risk and face any danger to achieve who he considers his true calling.
  • The movie does not downplay the academic part of education. Even though it does subtly make a caricature of teachers, students and the classroom, the overall impression conveyed is healthy.
  • The role of educators as ones who mould the hearts and minds of students with firmness and an equal dose of love and concern.
  • The focus is rightly maintained on the boys (team) rather than the romance of the coach and the english teacher.
  • The stress on having a dream and pursuing it relentlessly.
  • All along the movie, values like courage, perseverance, team spirit, friendship, upholding truth, solidarity and a willingness to change for the better are portrayed realistically and artistically.
However a few things I thought the director could have avoided so as to ensure that the sub-plots do not mar or give wrong ideas: the use of cell phones in schools, the over use of foul language by the students (though it does present a realistic picture), and the rather 'silly' teachers essaying the role.

On the whole, a movie worth watching and emulating. I surely am going to screen this movie for the Brothers and get them to discuss it.

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