Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cross-checking convictions

This morning and again in the evening I had the good fortune of speaking to a couple of Brothers in private, at their own request. It was good because they had some things to ask and tell me about their life and living their convictions. I really hope our discussion does make some impact on them and their lifestyle, so that in the long run they become Priests with some substance. Speaking with them, I remember the quote someone shared with me in my early years of formation:
Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.
As I shared with them some principles and values I live by and how it is never easy to live up to them and be popular at the same time, I also cautioned them to verify their convictions before willing to fight for them. This step of verifying our convictions is essential, for if not, we end up spending our energy and fighting for the wrong reasons. But once we are sure that what we stand for is a matter worth it, which is true and good for me and for all those for whom I stand for, then it is worth giving one's life for it.

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