Friday, 24 June 2011

Religion and me

For this semester I'm taking Anthropology (for the II years) and Theodicy (for the III years). I truly love these two treatises. They offer such rich and new insights which constantly challenge - and thereby help me strengthen and also review my opinions, beliefs and convictions. Presenting in gist about the main ideas of the Masters of Suspicion, I (as usual) sided Paul Ricoeur to drive home the point made by them. The Brothers (as usual) were a bit jittery and restless as I dissected and cut religion and God to pieces using the arguments of Nietzsche, Marx and Freud. Towards the end of the class however I realised that our thinking pattern was on different levels. I was working from the perspective of what we do with religion while the Brothers were reviewing my presentation from what religion does to us. Now according to me there is a wide gap between the two. Though apparently it appears that it is an interaction between religion and me but the crux of the matter is whose perspective we are looking from. The only difficulty I have is getting the Brothers to get out of their cocoons and think... deepen their faith rather than wear it around their neck as a tie!

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