Friday, 3 June 2011

Free flow of money

The maintenance and repair works in the community are progressing in full swing. There are the carpenters, painters, masons, and tomorrow on there will be the road repair team stationed here for two days. Luckily the permanent staff of the community is a very reliable one. They do more than what is expected or told to them. They see to very many things which they otherwise need not put their hands to. Their presence is a real great blessing.

Propelling all these patch up works is the currency in the administrator's table drawer. Earlier I was counting every pie, every bit of it. I very well remember the intense fight I had with Pratap while in Nashik over two rupees that he had to return to me. Today, the same Castilino is almost callous to hundreds and thousands of rupees!! What money can do to a person! Money just flows and to calculate the pros and cons of each and every pie is almost impossible. The only virtue I now try to practice is prudence... because anyhow I have to spend, so then at least let me spend it wisely. Once these 'currency-drainer works' are done with, I'll have to see how best to make use of the resources (human and material) we possess.

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