Monday, 13 June 2011

Debacle of the Spirit

Today was the maiden monthly recollection of our new academic year. It was animated by a lay couple from Buchirajupalem, Mr Claudius and Maria. They chose to lead the group in prayer through their singing rather than lengthy talks and sermons. But in doing so I also witnessed what I'd call the 'debacle of the Spirit'. The two of them led the whole prayer session and the afternoon adoration in English. Their singing was superb with very moving accompaniment. However, I observed that the Brothers were not really touched or involved. Reason: English, that too English hymns and singing, is just not their cup of tea! Therefore, I guess that was the reason why the Spirit would have found it difficult to make an entry into their hearts and minds. I'm sure if it were in Telugu there would have been much greater participation and life. Anyway, I guess the Spirit must be tired today in its efforts.

Add to that the Mass presided over by Fr Peter Sebastian, from the same Parish. Gosh, his sermon was so dramatic and eclectic. Half of the Brothers could not follow his language and the rest, found it to be something of a comedy show. All in all, I do not think there would be many who found anything worthwhile remembering and pondering over in the sermon of the day.

The one thing caught my attention during the sermon was Fr Peter Sebastian's use of the phrase 'Miracle mongers'. He used this phrase to refer to most of us who await for something to happen rather than be the miracle ourselves.

By the way, only today I did learn that Fr Peter Sebastian (photo: the one in the middle) was the one who brought out the first telugu edition of Vachanolsavam. He was the editor of it for nearly a year. Later it was taken up by Murigur itself.

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