Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Purely on Linux

Here I am, finally, posting this blog from a purely linux OS. Nothing of windows on my laptop as of now. Thanks to a small glitch that I caused, which in turn, formatted my whole computer. In the process of extending the partition of the hard disk for linux and windows, I ended up formatting the whole hard disk in the ext4 format. To make matters worse, I could not boot with neither the Windows CD nor the Linux DVD. That I had formatted it with the linux format, and hence was being shunted out for Windows was understandable but whenever I loaded the Linux DVD, I was being led to the Caledra dr-dos prompt. Now that was something totally new to me. Somehow learnt of how to make a bootable cd/dvd (by burning the iso file and not the data files - using burn image, if in Nero). Finally late this evening installed Linux Mint 10 (Julia) successfully.

Thanks to Fr Julian Fox too for his long distance assistance in understanding what I was undergoing and the steps I was following - faultering? It was great having his constant help and guidance.

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  1. Congratulations Br Casti atlast you succeeded.


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