Tuesday, 7 June 2011

All in the look!

We had a couple of Sisters with us yesterday... simple and foolishly obedient ones. One of them had to apply for her passport and was in town, with nothing but a half-filled form with barely a document or two to support it and with an abundant dose of her Superior's blessings. Well that is another story. During meals we had an interesting conversation (of course, interesting for us, Salesians, while they were really serious about what they were saying).
Fr: So are you still in contact with your ousted founder?
Sr: Yes.
Fr: In what way?
Sr: We look at him.
Fr: Look at him?
Sr: Yes. After all he was the one who started our congregation.
Fr: You mean, he lives with you in the convent?
Sr: No, not at all. But we always look at him.
Fr: You mean, like you are looking at us?
Sr: No. This looking and that looking is different. We are your guests. He is our founder. We appreciate you and respect you, but him we look at.
It was only then it struck us that what she really meant was that they looked up to him!

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