Sunday, 19 June 2011

Invoking the Trinity

Today is the feast of the Holy Trinity. It is a nice occasion to remind ourselves of the role of the three people in the history of salvation. Most often our attention is so fixed upon Jesus the son, that the Father and the Spirit are totally sidelined. Hence this feast and that of the Pentecost help as reminders.

My first realisation of the role of the Trinity was when Fr Lens used to take catechism classes for us when we were boys in Don Bosco School, about 20 years ago. At times Fr Lens would begin the class with only the Sign of the Cross. While we would be 'waiting' for the prayer to follow, he would straight away go to the class for the day. Looking at our puzzled faces, which clearly expressed the 'scandal' that he was causing by leaving a prayer 'incomplete' he would clarify that the Sign of the Cross is a prayer in itself. It was only from then on that I began to concentrate on the Sign of the Cross. Till then it was not considered worthy enough to be enlisted as a prayer.

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