Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Respect precedes trust

Late yesterday it struck me that amidst all the "lavish" spending on maintenance and repairs, I never once thought of Divine Providence or even acknowledged its gracious blessings of late. Perhaps it is because its blessings abound, and may be only when we are dire straits we would petition Providence. The much spoken and true aspect of the role of Divine Providence in our Salesian tradition and life is something we often take for granted or are oblivious about. I would not say that we do not trust Divine Providence, it is just that we do not really acknowledge its gracious presence and works.

Truly then, the ideal prayer and attitude of mine ought to be that of gratitude and respect for Divine Providence. That it has blessed the community with so much and I am appreciative of it and thereby also take upon myself the responsibility to take care of things we already have - before we pray for new things. Respect, I truly believe is the pre-requisite of trust in Divine Providence.

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