Sunday, 12 June 2011

The partiality of the Spirit

The feast of Pentecost is a mysterious one. As I listened to Fr KT's sermon this evening - our first community Mass for this year - it struck me that the Holy Spirit descended only on the apostles. I'm sure they were not the best of men, left on earth after Jesus' ascension. But the Spirit descends and empowers these dozen men. Quite a partial deal, if one may say so. So I found myself asking this question: Is this purely grace or is there no human merit necessitated? I really do not know. So will the grace of the Spirit work on one who is totally not open to its Divine potency? Certainly the Spirit moves according to its will and it can move anything. But with what efficacy is the question here? Moved by the Spirit, one may be an acclaimed preacher but if his personal life or relational behaviour is anything but exemplary, I doubt if his life, as a whole, will have the desired impact.

Anyway, the Spirit knows best!

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