Thursday, 11 February 2016

Perseverance and fidelity

While catching up with the blog posts of Fr Ivo, I came across this beautiful one, wherein he differentiates between perseverance and fidelity, between choice and call. He is actually referring to a talk given by someone named Amadeo Cencini... (read the full post here)
...not enough to persevere, not enough to say, I want to die a Salesian; what is important is fidelity. But Cencini added a fresh new note: fidelity, he said, is relational, whereas perseverance is not necessarily so, could very well tend to be something that I decide to do for myself. Fidelity, relational: wonderful. Just like the difference between Choice and Call: the latter is utterly relational, the former is not, and is very much a phenomenon of the individual-centred individualistic culture spawned in the modern West. 
I'd love to rather reflect deeper on the latter distinction that Ivo makes: choice and call.  Never thought of that before.  What he says makes sense but not fully.


While planning for the feast of Don Bosco and the open day Celebrations we had here at Ramanthapur, I was searching for an appropriate quote to insert in the schedule sheet.  That's when I came across the following and found it very relevant and apt, given the context of our children here:

One Direction - History

Nice song from One Direction, titled History...

... tap to wash your plate!

It is more than a month since I last posted anything on the blog.  Now that I've completed most of my immediate tasks, I said to myself it is high time I resume my 'daily bread'...

Here's one I heard from one of the Brothers sometime ago.  And it is attributed to Fr Maliekal - no surprises!

During our conversation about conserving water in the light of the onset of summer and the scarcity of water, Fr Maliekal seems to have told the Brothers in Karunapuram to cut short their chatter at the scullery and not wait for the tap to wash their plates! 
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