Thursday, 11 February 2016

Perseverance and fidelity

While catching up with the blog posts of Fr Ivo, I came across this beautiful one, wherein he differentiates between perseverance and fidelity, between choice and call. He is actually referring to a talk given by someone named Amadeo Cencini... (read the full post here)
...not enough to persevere, not enough to say, I want to die a Salesian; what is important is fidelity. But Cencini added a fresh new note: fidelity, he said, is relational, whereas perseverance is not necessarily so, could very well tend to be something that I decide to do for myself. Fidelity, relational: wonderful. Just like the difference between Choice and Call: the latter is utterly relational, the former is not, and is very much a phenomenon of the individual-centred individualistic culture spawned in the modern West. 
I'd love to rather reflect deeper on the latter distinction that Ivo makes: choice and call.  Never thought of that before.  What he says makes sense but not fully.

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