Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vicky Donor

Last night I watched Vicky donor and was quite happy to have watched something worthwhile in a long time.  I basically liked the movie, though would not approve of the basic ethical values behind the whole concept of sperm donation and artificial insemination.  Anyway, this movie had its own charm and my personal convictions would not in any way, prevent me from appreciating the good aspects of the movie.

The best I liked of the movie was the manner in which the delicate issues of infertility and sperm donation are handled.  Given the fact that these are not topics one hears in public domain with an open mind, there was a great possibility that the director (Shoojit Sircar) and the core crew make a farce of it - and yet earn a profit.  However, the movie does not in any way demean or make a mockery of these sensitive issues.  And still make a great movie.  Hats off to them for it.  The focus is not the ethical debate nor the commercialisation of the act; it is the pain of longing for a child.

Personally I liked the characters of Vicky and that of his grandmother.  I liked the latter for her attitude to life and modern living, though chronologically she would be the eldest in the whole cast.  One of my proposals for a better humanity, that of adoption of little orphaned children, forms the conclusion of the movie (that too, in fulfillment of a suggestion of the granny) - and I'm happy for it.

The character of Vicky's father-in-law too has a significant contribution to make. Towards the end, he questions his daughter: Are you hurt because he was a donor or because he did not reveal this to you or because you cannot get pregnant while he can become a father? That's quite a sharp question demanding a very deep introspection.

As by way of living out the character, Vicky does it the best.  The evolution of the man from the youngster is portrayed well by Ayushmann Khurrana (Vicky).  In the beginning he is nothing but a playful brat and by the end of the movie he is a doting father.  This transformation is not something that happens with some single tragic event but is brought about because of his love for his wife.  This transformation sets in smoothly and one cannot miss it.

On the whole, a good movie, worth watching - could also be used to provoke a healthy discussion on ethical issues involved.  

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