Sunday, 24 June 2012

Asking too little

The past one week was so dramatic that it struck me like a jolt that today is already Saturday!  I always think that the most craziest part of life is behind me... that nothing more demanding and hectic can ever happen that what already has.  And yet, I'm proved wrong every time and all the time.

It was last Saturday that we realised one of our confreres was tripping on his medicine and loosing his psychic balance.  He is one of those rare cases when a brilliant memory rather than become a blessing turns out to be a curse.  However, his outbursts on Sunday sent the whole community into a tizzy, with everyone hiding behind closed doors, literally.  It was much like the post crucifixion scene - with a difference!  It was only me and the confrere, who were out in the open, the whole night.

I love this confrere much and have been with him in his earlier moments of similar health crisis.  But this Sunday was something I never experienced - nor do I wish to have a repeat of it ever again.  All through the night I was praying, walking by his side, that the good Lord stay with us till I get him to the doctor the next morning who would sedate him.

The next morning when I did manage to take him to the hospital and get him to take the injection, I broke down!  More than gratitude to God almighty, it was the sorrow of seeing someone so good, being treated for something which he himself is not aware of.  Since then it has been a different prayer on my lips and in my heart: Lord be with him, for You know best.  If it us that You want to teach a lesson, give us the wisdom to learn it well... but certainly not at his expense.

Another aspect that I realised was how little I was asking the Lord for.  It was like to undermine what He can. When the Lord can certainly make him well or at least bring to normalcy (what we consider sanity), I was asking His help to get him sedated.  So now I pray: Lord be with him!

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