Sunday, 3 June 2012

Exam blues - this time of myself!

Preparing for my M.A. exams has been more difficult that I imagined it to be.  Given all the petty and crazy things to be done in and around the house in preparation for the next academic year, I knew that study would be hardly a reality.  Add to that my inability to sit in one place with a book in hand. And of course, the scorching heat (officially, the worst in 17 years).

Basically it has been my laziness and sense of procrastination that sees me sweating it out on the eve of the exam.  It is almost midnight and I am yet to read - leave alone revise - more than half of the resource material provided by the university.  The very fact of sitting in the heat (from 2 to 5 in the afternoon) and writing - wow, something I last did decades ago! - scares me.  Anyway, I've nothing to lose.  

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