Sunday, 3 June 2012

Summer heat

With temperatures soaring above 46 degrees, and the heat showing no sign of reducing, life is really one hell of an experience these days.  Add to that the 18 hrs of power cut that we have and one has a perfect recipe for life in hell.   For those of us staying indoors and occasionally venturing out for some works, it is such a penance, I cannot imagine what it would be for those who have to earn a living, out in the open.

As I was at the railway crossing the other morning in the jeep, I overheard the small tea and tiffin shop lady narrating her woes to no one in particular.  With the powercuts at night too her work has become easier, she said.  The mixie does not work, so she has to grind the rice using the traditional rolling stone.  The fact that in this heat sleeping without the fan is near to impossible, provides her with more than enough time to grind the rice.

It is true, that she was being sarcastic about the 18 hrs powercut but she still was seeing something that she could do in that deplorable situation.  No sleep, no electricity for making thing easier, no respite from the heat in which they have to sell their tea and idlis during the day.

With all the comforts and luxuries of life, we curse and grumble.  It is always a humbling lesson to live a life of struggle and then begin to administer goods of comfort - without forgetting the past. Only then gratitude and contentment will be the hallmark of such a person.  

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