Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sticking to reality... not the change

From what I gather in the news and other sources, there is utter chaos and real blood all over Syria.  Initially there was lot of enthusiasm and coverage of what was up and happening in Syria.  However, it has become 'stale' now to see, watch, hear and read of it... that too over the months.  We, 'news-crazy' people want to hear new things, not the same old bits, and of course not of the same place and event!

Syria was almost off my radar, when about a week ago I realised that news of Syria kept hitting the 10 most important news items on my news reader.  (I guess it is also because people have been keeping track of the events there at the international level, not necessarily at the national or local level.)  It is then that I started taking note of the events and happenings there... rather than just bypass those news bits for other 'latest' happenings.

Perseverance and consistency (for the right and best of virtues) are not always the most cherished values of our times... certainly not of media producers and consumers.  It takes a lot to stick to reality than to happily bounce from change to change!

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