Monday, 4 June 2012

Exam thrills

After nearly nine years of thinking, planning, postponing, applying, and rethinking, I got down to write my M.A. exams today.  Three hours of sitting in the heat of Vizag was quite a scare.  However, I did manage it well.  It was not at all an issue... perhaps because I was already drenched in sweat by the time I reached the exam centre.  However, what surprised me was that I did manage to write for three hours. Thank God, no cramps and aches to prevent or slow me down.

Besides all this, the hall comprising of 18 of us students and another guy whom by mistake we discovered was the invigilator, was nothing short of a youth club on a Sunday afternoon.  Most of the time, the invigilator was talking, and when he was silent, the students were!  A couple of the students literally sat through two complete hours without putting pen to paper.  One lady behind me had no clue of any single idea of the subject she was to write - and the subject she had chosen?  Philosophy!  The one infront of me spend half his exam time sifting through the umpteen number of slips he brought trying to find out which one had the right answer to the question in the paper.  Another lady knew only hindi and not a word of telugu.  The interaction between the invigilator and her was another drama!

Well, one down and another four more to write off!  

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