Monday, 11 June 2012

Brothers arrive at Kondadaba

The Brothers arrived yesterday evening and soon after Mass I conducted a short interaction for the whole community to facilitate knowing one another.  It turned out well.  In all this year we would be 70 in all (64 Brothers and 6 staff members). I think this is perhaps the least number so far in the history of this seminary for a three year cycle batch.  The last I remember was that there were 60 for the last two year cycle of this Seminary in 2000, when I was the Assistant here.

I've not really got into the dynamics of the community and the Brothers as I had my exam today.  I was least prepared for this day's Social and Political Philosophy. Luckily for me, I got the same questions that were asked for the assignment which I wrote just a couple of hours prior to the exam.  Except for one question, of which I had absolutely no hint about the answer, the rest were a roller-coaster.  However, I did attempt the 'impossible' one too.  

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