Monday, 25 June 2012

Not a bad day

It was during one of the hectic and crazy days of last week, that I heard the following passage being read as part of the spiritual reading in the Chapel:
Blessed John Tauler, the fourteenth century Rhenish mystic and Dominican theologian, prayed for eight years that God would send him a person who would be able to point out to him the true way to perfection.  ... 
Tauler found on the steps of the church a beggar in rags, with feet bare, wounded and caked with mud. He greeted the beggar with the words: "May God give you a good day" to which the beggar answered:  "I do not remember ever having a bad day." 
As those words and the enumeration of the beggar to Bl. Tauler poured into my ears, my heart and mind, traced back the day and I found questioning myself: Can I too utter those same words with the same conviction of the beggar?  ... Not a bad day!  

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