Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Last year the power cuts were regular and very timely.  We knew when the power would go off and when exactly we would have it back.  However for the past couple of months, it has been totally erratic.  Besides an increase in the timing of powercuts, the erraticity has put us in a very difficult situation as with regards to our 'normal' activities  (Putting on the motors for water, using LCD for classes, use of the computer lab, printing purposes... all go haywire).  Of late the department has started cutting power at nights as well.  At times it is for an hour or most often for an hour and half.  Even this does not have a fixed timing.  So when this evening when the power went off at 7.25 pm - that's the time we start our evening prayers - and came back at 8.25 pm - that's when we were almost concluding our supper - we "rejoiced".  This timing (or rather the cut, timed) with our evening prayer and supper - both of which does not require electricity as we can very well manage with the battery power. So we were saying to one another, this time is ideal.  However, it occurred to me that we never questioned why at all there should be a power cut at all? 

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