Sunday, 1 July 2012


Last evening I was in a book store purchasing a dozen dictionaries for our first year students.  As I waited for the packing and bill, a young boy walked in and asked for eraz-ex (the whitener solvent).  The man across the counter replied in the negative. He walked out and as he crossed the glass panes I got a better look at the boy.  As my mind started to think, the shop owner asked me, "Do you think he asked for the spirit for its intended purpose?" I understood what he wanted to say.  He continued, "I do have eraz-ex but not for him.  As a matter of policy we do not sell such things when we know for sure that the boy is going to use it as a drug and not for any study or art work.  I said to him that if I were in his place, I too would have done the same.

Perception, decisions, judgements... 

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