Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Confrere returns

After a little more than two weeks of anxious time and scrambling and scratching our brains, we are indeed glad to God for facilitating the recovery (though not complete) of our confrere whom we had to rush to the hospital on Monday two weeks ago.  He joined the community a little after lunch and is well at home already.  Truly we now have the single task of ensuring that he does not trip on his medicines.  I have the medication with me and I need to follow him up on this.  We just cannot afford to take chances with him again!

Prior to accompanying him back home from the hospital I addressed the Brothers last night itself.  I presented a brief history of the confrere and concluded asking them not to judge him only on the basis of his violent outburst on Sunday (two weeks ago). More than a command or a request it was basic information and I'm glad I did it.  Some sensible guys saw the point I was trying to make.  Those frightened, not even God incarnate can save!

Thank God!  

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