Monday, 2 July 2012

Good old days at Yercaud

Call it coincidence or grace, I had the good fortune of meeting one of my seniors from The Retreat, Yercaud.  He was one year senior to me during my two year stay in Yercaud and he belonged to Chennai Province.  Now he is no more a Salesian but has joined another congregation and in preparation for his diaconate.  After lunch we spent some time recalling all those good old things of Yercaud.  The companions, all the staff members, the funny moments, those incidents which none of us will ever forget and of course, where and how life has moved on after Yercaud (in brief).  As we were sharing our joyful memories with another of his companion, he started to share about one particular experience of his with the administrator then.  The moment he started, I started laughing for it was perhaps the biggest joke of that year.

This particular Brother was in-charge of the farm which consisted of a large coffee estate and nearly two dozen cows and one bull. It so happened that during his time, the bull died (or was sick, I'm not sure).  So the Brother approached the administrator with the request to get another bull for crossing and increasing the livestock.  The administrator, who was a big time comedian, answered instantly, "That is why we have put you there!"  When the community heard of this private conversation, we were all laughing away for the rest of the year. 

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