Friday, 6 July 2012

Shifting base & focus

I shifted to the Administrator's room sometime just before the Brothers arrived after their summer vacation.  Till last year, I was in the Dean's room/office and would be present in the administrator's office only after meals for any financial transactions.  The rest of the time, whenever not involved in class or assisting the Brothers in the study hall or library, I would be in the Dean's office.

For all practical purposes, it seems all fine.  However, I've very well noticed that this shift of location and base had indeed shifted also my focus.  Given the fact that there have been enough and more events that have occupied my mind and space in the past one month, I cannot deny the fact that I'm now more functioning as the administrator than the dean.  Castilino, the administrator is superseding, Castilino the dean!  For some it may not make any sense but for me, I find it odd.  I certainly desist this administration role and would anytime prefer to be with the Brothers for all their activities than be the PR for all and sundry (that's another role I've to play, with my room being the closest to the main gate). 

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