Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Horses' horns

While talking to the young priest who visited the Seminary today, I was reminded of an incident in class concerning this Priest, years ago when he was a student here and I was the Assistant and professor. For something I was giving the example of blinders put on the horses.  Trying to enable the students to understand the word 'blinders', I put my hand beside my eyes and explained to them that it is something the horse have in order to keep their vision straight ahead and not get distracted by all that goes on around it.  Even before the class could hear my last word, this particular Brother blurted out, "Horns!"  The ensuing laughter lasted that whole morning! From then on it was very easy to refer to that Brother, especially given the fact that there were a couple of Brothers with the same name - he was known as 'Kommula Bhaskar' (name changed); meaning, Bhaskar with horns!

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