Friday, 27 July 2012

Nothing but the truth

I watched the movie Nothing but the truth today.  Once in a way, you come across people who stand for principles and pay a heavy price for doing so.  Usually, the former part of the sentence itself is a rare finding!  This movie chronicles the painful struggle of a journalist to stay true to her work ethics.  Having stumbled upon a major story, she investigates it and reveals the truth through her newspaper (Namely, that the President of the US, authorizes a raid against another country, for suspected attempt on his life - in spite of an undercover CIA report scrubbing all links between the assassination attempt and the country in question).

The journalist, Rachel Armstrong (played well by Kate Beckinsale) refuses to reveal her source of information as to who blew the cover of the CIA undercover agent, who happens to be another woman, Erica (Vera Farmiga).  Sticking to her ethics of not revealing the source, she is made to pay the price:  imprisonment, separation from her family, the CIA operative named is killed, her own husband looking the other way, not being even able to see her own beloved son.  In short, her whole life just crumbles!  

It is only at the end of the movie, one comes to know the original source of her story: the small daughter of the CIA operative herself!  It is amazing to see how people are willing to put everything to risk to stand by the truth.  Rachel could very well have revealed the name of the little girl and perhaps nothing much would have happened.  Yet she chooses not to for she had to keep her own word.  

What's engaging of this movie is that everyone in it is right!  There is nobody who is the 'evil guy'.  Each one is doing what he or she is supposed to do!  Patton, (played by Matt Dillon with amazing detachment) the prosecutor is trying to get the culprit who let out the identity of the undercover CIA operative and in doing so risked national security.  The judge acts in the interests of the country and according to the law.  Erica, just wants to know who betrayed her identity.  Rachel too is keen on standing by the truth and not giving into any pressure, personal or public, so as to reveal the identity of her source.  

Long live the truth... and long live those who uphold it... at such great a sacrifice.  

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