Wednesday, 4 July 2012


During the final talk in the presence of the doctor, the ailing confrere and myself were treated to a wonderful piece of advice.  The confrere said that he wished none, not even his enemies, would suffer from this ailment (bipolar disorder).  The Doctor immediately disagreed.  He explained thus:
This is just  like any other disease... just like any machine undergoes wear and tear.  This ailment too is one wearing out of the human body.  In fact you should be happy that it is this. For except for a brief moment of spurts of energy, for the rest you are perfectly normal like any one of us. You have no diet restrictions, no precautionary measures by way of food or life style or anything.  You can eat all you want, go places, do all that you wish to do, without any restrictions at all.  All that you need to ensure is that you take your medication regularly.  This is far better than dying a thousand deaths everyday and everytime.  Say for example, a heart attack leaves you vulnerable for life... no strain, strict diet, regular exercise.  The same with all other ailments: diabetes, cancer, tumour...  Furthermore, you should be grateful that God has blessed you with so many concerned people to look after you. That you have an organisation which backs you up and offers you such formidable support.  
Such encouraging and optimistic words were truly very soothing and convincing.  

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