Wednesday, 11 July 2012

To hell!

We spent some quality time together as the staff today.  One stayed back due to ill health and the remaining five of us went up to the Simhachalam temple (it has become more complicated now than when I first visited it about 11 years ago), the Rushikonda beach (just to wet my feet), Kailasgiri (in spite of the dry spell, I should say that the place is kept rather neat and well) and finally to Ross hill (where the MSFS community treated us very kindly and happily).
Fr T.V. Jose (Professor), Fr Balaswamy (Spiritual Director), Fr Maliekal (Rector) and Br Anil (Regent)
We had ample time in the jeep to share and talk all sorts of things - even pull each others legs!  The best joke of the day was one shared by Fr Maliekal.  
A Priest celebrating Mass was offered some money to pray for the repose of the soul of a lady who passed away sometime ago.  Though the Priest prayed during the Mass, he did not make a public announcement of it to the congregation.  The man who offered the Mass was not at all happy. He kept nagging the Priest as to why he did not announce it, to the point where the Priest all desperate reached into his pocket, pulled out the Rs 7/- (that's all was given to him) and handing it back to the man said, "Here, take back your money and let your wife go to hell!"

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